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Clay Shirky — Defend our freedom to share (or why SOPA is a bad idea)

This my SOPA post. In this 14 min TED talk Clay Shirky fantastically explains why SOPA is a BAD IDEA. SOPA is a proposed US law and I am an Australian, but I felt I should make a post about … Continue reading

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Astronomy study proves mathematics theorem

From New Scientist, Astronomy study proves mathematics theorem. As an astronomy and maths geek and teacher, this is the kind of story that makes me smile. The research concerns gravitational lens. This phenomenon occurs when the light from a very … Continue reading

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NSW education downgrades Microsoft

via Jeff Waugh’s Be the signal. The Australian Financial Review reports NSW education downgrades Microsoft. “The NSW Department of Education has put Microsoft on notice after it agreed to extend its software licensing agreement for just one year instead of … Continue reading

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Negroponte on why OLPC needed to be non-profit

The Science Show (Radio National, ABC Australia) recently broadcast Nicholas Negroponte’s address to the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Boston. He spoke about the OLPC, One Laptop Per Child, being interested in both education and technology … Continue reading

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Google celebrates Australia Day

Today is Australia Day and as is often the case on days of significances, Google (AU) has a special header for the day. This is the result of Doodle 4 Google My Australia a competition for school students.

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Social Networks, Web 2.0 and Schools

Schoolboards: net dangers over-rated; bring social networks to school By David Cassel The internet isn’t as dangerous as people think, and teachers should let students use social networks at school. link This article was posted on an education mailing list … Continue reading

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