iPhone iRony or: How Steve Jobs was an AT&T Hacker

From Real Geek:

Back in 1971, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (founders of Apple Computer Inc.) went into business to build ‘Blue Boxes’. A device that allowed free illegitimate phone calls by faking the signals used by AT&T (Apple’s exclusive network carrier). In the picture, you can see Steve Jobs with a ‘Blue Box’.

I have known for a long time of the Steves’ hacking of the phone system in the ’70s and the business they had in building Blue Boxes, but it only just dawned on me the irony that Steve Jobs is now trying to stop people from hacking their iPhones. I wonder if Steve Jobs can see this irony?

Apple have always tried to brand themselves as rebels, the crazy ones and computer for the creative types, with ad campaigns such as Think Different and the 1984 ad that launched the Mac. With Apple’s current stance on creative people wanting to hack their iPhones is seems that Apple has far more in common with Big Brother than the heroine of the 1984 ad.

Have a look at this revised version of Apple’s “crazy ones” ad on Engadget. The question is, do Apple want the the creative hacker types, the Steve Wozniaks of this world or the Crazy Ones, as their users?

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